Posted by: lifeinlonsdale | August 1, 2008

Cell phones and their health effects on our kids…

The radiation that comes from our cell phones has been long suspected to be bad for our health. Our body functions on an electrical system, and the radiation from other devices can interrupt that.

Kids are more susceptible to this radiation than adults, and this is becoming more of an issue as an entire generation of kids now are getting cell phones at increasingly younger ages.

This is a fascinating article that I found that may open your eyes to the dangers of cell phones, both for adults and children:

No Cell Phones for Kids



  1. As much as I find your blog very interesting and informative, I have to disagree about some points. Everything has its PROS and CONS, you just pointed out the CON part of it. We have to admit, it’s the digital age and cellphones are here to stay. There are LOTS of benefit cellphones bring, one is assurance to each and every mother/father that their child is safe and is not in harm’s way. I recently got my 8-year-old son his own mobile phone from Just5 and so far I’m happy with it, it has this great feature at the back, an SOS button that he can press when he is in some kind of emergency and I would know right away. Talk about innovation huh? As simple as that makes me have a peace of mind that my child is safe all the time. You can check it out for yourself:

    • I agree as well that they have their convenient aspects. My main hang up is that cell phones have been so widely accepted into our society without any thought about their effects, and I was just trying to balance out all of the other propaganda we are being fed about cell phone usage.

      Obviously, each family must make their own choices about what is best and what works for them.

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