Posted by: lifeinlonsdale | August 4, 2008

The power of reflexology and positive touch…

This is a heartwarming story about a baby that survived overwhelming odds becuase of a caring mother who sat by her side day and night and tickled her feet each time she stopped breathing.

There has been a lot of research lately about the power of touch to help premature infants thrive.  This story combines that positive touch with reflexology, showing the power of both therapies to heal the body and the spirit.

Premature Baby Survived By tickling



  1. What an inspirational story on the power of touch and natural healing. Little Emma will certainly grow up to be a happy, health adult now.

    I also just wrote a blog on reflexology and it’s effectiveness on heart disease — it’s amazing what some natural health therapies can do today.

    Thanks for sharing! 😉

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