Posted by: lifeinlonsdale | August 5, 2008

The amazing, healing power of massage

I left my office this afternoon speechless and feeling in awe at the healing powers that lie within our bodies.

I worked with a client today whose shoulder has been causing so much pain that he has been unable to sleep all or part of most nights. We had been doing deep trigger point work and using a lot of cold stones, along with resisted stretching to help release tight areas.

During today’s session, we found a tight numb feeling spot, worked through that, and I felt the most awesome release that I have ever felt. Once that spot was released, his body immediately took over and started to rebalance his whole shoulder girdle and neck area. After the session, he said that he felt that his shoulders had come down, and that everything felt like it was looser and more in balance.

I am continually amazed that by listening to the body, by working slowly and by applying the right pressure in the right spot at the right time, we really can free up the body to do the amazing healing work that it was built to do.

I am so honored to be able be of service to people in this way and to be given the gift of seeing and feeling these amazing miracles happen before me. I am becoming more and more firmly convinced that the more I can get out of the way, and try to be an empty vessel or hollow bone for the energy of the Universe (or God, or however you view the great creative energy that is all around us), the more I will be able to feel and the more “miracles” I will be blessed with witnessing.



  1. What a wonderful blog post. It’s great knowing that there are genuine natural healers out here, who believe in the power of human touch and the self-healing mechanisms that can work so effectively without invasive procedures.

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