Posted by: lifeinlonsdale | September 18, 2008

What it takes for healing to take place…

I have always told my clients that it is important for them to continue their self care when they go home in order to have the best progress.  I generally recommend stretching and/or strenghtening excercies, when I think it will be beneficial.

I believe that, in order for healing to occur, it takes more than just receiving bodywork (though this can be an important part of the healing process).  It takes a willingness to change one’s life to support that healing.  This continues long after you leave the massage table.  You did not get into an unhealthy state in a single day or even a single month…it took a long period of time.  You will not get out of it by receiving one or sometimes even a few sessions of bodywork.

The clients that I see making great progress in their healing and great improvements in their quality of life are the ones that take my advice to heart, do their stretching excercises everyday (sometimes multiple times) and that start paying attention to what their bodies are telling them.  This might mean making changes in the ways that they do certain activities that cause pain in the body, changes in diet, and changes in excercise patterns.

I always explain that stretching really does not take that much time, it can be done while watching television, or before bed.  I like to do my stretching in the morning.  I think that making these changes is beneficial on more than just a physical level.  When you take your healing into your own hands, it sends a different message to your subconscious mind, that you are ready to heal.  The body has a remarkable ability to self-heal, when it is given the tools and energy to do so. 

Healing is more than just an act…it is a state of mind.  I cannot DO your healing for you, I can facilitate the process but you must step on the path and be the one to take the journey.


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