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Chinese Medicine and the Season of Autumn

According to Chinese medicine, there are energy lines that run throughout the body.  These energy lines have correspondences with different organs, as well as correspondences with each of the seasons.  The Chinese medical theory states that in order to stay in optimum health, one must stay in harmony with the changing energies that each season brings.

“Those who knew the way of keeping good health in ancient times always kept their behavior in accordance with the seasons… Human being is a small universe as the human body has everything the universe has…” (Huang Di Nei Jing, Chapter 1)

Autumn is related to the lungs and large intestine, as well as the element of metal.  Two words can be used to characterize the energies of this season; receiving and releasing.  These are also the primary functions of the two organs associated with this season.


In many different cultures and traditions, deep breathing techniques have been used to strengthen one’s connection with the Divine.  Chinese Medicine believes that the lungs receive the life force of Chi from the universe.  Both of these traits speak to the ability of the lungs and our breath to help us connect with Divine energies.


The season of fall is also the time to boost our immunity, while our bodies are still strong from the bountiful energy of the summer.  There are many ways that you can adapt your daily habits to bring them in line with the energy of the season:


·         Diet: We take our cues from nature now about what we should eat.  Nature has shifted her energy underground now, to nourish the roots.  Root vegetables are harvested at this time of year, and these are wonderful to eat in the fall in soups and stews.  We should move away from eating cold foods such as salads and sandwiches and eat foods that will be warming, to build up our energy stores for winter.

·         Sleep: We should sleep more at this time of year, as the hours of sunlight become less, we need to make up for the energy that we are no longer receiving from the waning sun.

·         Water:  This is a dry time of year, and many colds and flus that come upon us in this season come from a place of dryness.  Thus, we should increase our water intake at this time of year.

·         Emotions: The Autumn and Metal elements in Chinese Medicine have to do with the emotions of sadness and grief.  This can be a powerful time for processing repressed emotions, and indeed the energy of the season provides the opportunity for profound changes and growth in these areas.


Indeed, it is the time of year where, just like our ancestors had to build up food stores for the winter, we must build up the sotres of energy within our bodies adn take extra care to make sure that we are eating good food, driking enough water, getting eoungh rest so that we do not deplete our bodies at this crucial time.


A hot stone massage at this time of year can be wonderful for helping to flush toxins, boost the immune system and build up warmth in the body.





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