Posted by: lifeinlonsdale | January 14, 2009

Take care of yourself…before it’s too late…

I had a session with a client the other day and she told me that she had been feeling rundown lately, and had been very busy through the holidays. She had been dealing with a fair amount of stress.

This made me think about the story told to me by a woman whom I had been in a massage workshop with. She had told us about how she had been working too hard, had been under a lot of stress for a prolonged period of time, and had not been taking the time to take care of herself. Shortly after this, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was lucky to be alive and sitting there with us in that circle.

At the time, I was in a similar place, feeling run down and not taking very good care of myself. Her story really hit home for me in a very real way.

Back to the other day…I asked my client if she was taking care of herself properly, and related the above story to her. She then told me that she had been through a similar period in her life, trying to do everything and be everyone. Shortly after that, she had fibromyalgia.

Many studies have been done, and there is no doubt now that long term stress has a long term effect on your health. Stress lowers your immune system, raises your blood pressure and over a long period of time it depletes your bodies resources. It is in this time of depletion that the body can succumb to illnesses and diseases that if you were in a healthy state, you would be able to ward off.

Please, during this cold time in the middle of winter, think about going inside to take that quiet time that you need to rejuvenate and heal yourself. Do the things that you need to do to take good care of yourself, whether that be excercise, meditation, getting bodywork, taking a bath, starting a new hobby, etc. Make taking care of yourself a priority…do not wait until things settle down, or until you have time or you may find that it is too late.


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