Posted by: lifeinlonsdale | February 6, 2009

Your Mind and It’s Role in Health and Wellness…

I am currently taking an online class about the Shamanic approach to health and wellness (shamanic meaning relating to the shamanic healing practices of Shamans and medicine people all over the world, not to any specific practice or religion).

The Shamanic perspective on healing is quite different than anything else that I have ever read about. Basically, this method of healing states that health is not just referring to the physical body, but to our mental and emotional well being, as well. Disease starts out in the spiritual and emotional realm, and works its way into the body.

Right belief in the spiritual realm leads to right thinking and expression of emotion which leads to right action. Basically, this states that if we are satisfied spiritually, health will naturally follow. There are many people in the world who are dissatisfied with what they are getting from their spirituality, and there are many people who are sick and diseased…a coincidence?

This is not that different than the belief of Chinese medicine (that your emotions affect your energy or “chi” and this in turn affects your body), but the explanation of the mechanism od how this happens is different.

According to Shamanistic philosophy, your health is a manifestation of your satisfaction (or lack of satisfaction) with the sum of what you are experiencing in your life. If you are satisfied with life and are happy, your body does not sense a need to make a change.

If you are otherwise healthy, though, and are dissatisfied with what is happening in your life, your body hears the message “I need change”. If you are already in a state of good health, this change is usually to a state of less health.

Though I am not completely sold on all of it yet, I believe that a lot of it has some truth to it that science is just beginning to understand. The wisdom of these ancient Shamans has been in practice for thousands of years, enough time to learn how to keep the body well, I think.

It goes a long way to describing why some people, despite doing everything right on the physical level (exercise, vitamins, nutrition, etc.) never seem to get well. I have also known people who are living with chronic pain or disease who have a sunny view on life and are enjoying the moment, and these are delightful people to be around.

In a lot of cases, I think we need to accept the state that we are in and find satisfaction in the present moment. I am not saying that we should not try to improve our health or wellbeing, as this would be somewhat irresponsible, but being dissatisfied with the way things are all the time is not healthy, either.



  1. I totally agree to the fact that our health is related to our deep inner life satisfaction. That is how God designed us and is His plan for us.

    I recently developed a short “presentation” on stress, health and faith that addresses this topic. It can be viewed at this link:

    Be well,


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