Posted by: lifeinlonsdale | April 16, 2009

The Importance of Taking an Active Role in YOUR Health

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way advocating for not seeing a qualified medical professional when appropriate. When in doubt, after looking at the patterns in your life, consult with your doctor about any serious of recurring condition that you have.

Our society has conditioned us to relinquish control of what is most importance to us…our health…to others. We have given away our power to doctors and experts, to the guru with the latest fad diet, to the drug companies, to the food industry. When we are sick, we are told to go to the doctor to get medicine that will make us well.

Listening to our instincts about what is wrong with us is not encouraged because that doctor or expert is more educated than you are so they must know better about what is wrong with our body. We have given away so much of our power and now many of us are sick, tired, overweight and we don’t know where to begin with the process of regaining our health.

We are completely responsible for our own state of health or disease.
Look to your body like a teacher. If you are not well, look inside to find out what message your body is trying to send. Are you not getting enough sleep? Are you giving too much of your energy to others and not keeping enough for yourself? Is there some part of your life (physical, mental, spiritual) that you feel is lacking? Any place where there is a hole or vaccuum in your life is a place for disease to enter.

Science has proven that our bodies function on a system of energy and electricity. Religions and indigenous healers have known this for a long time. Many healers believe that the state of your energy in your body not only influences your health, but creates either wellness or disease in the physical body.

If power and health are correlated, then we must look at what our definitions of power are. For example, imagine a man that sees power as having lots of money and wealth. Then imagine what would happen to his health if he were to lose his wealth (indeed, after the excess of the 90’s and the financial crisis now, there are many people who have come to associate power with money who might be in this situation now.) Or imagine someone who associates power with being able to control others. When they are not successful at this, their health takes a downturn. Looking at what is on the right side of your POWER/HEALTH equation may give you insight into your level of wellness.


In our modern language, our systems are “attacked” by a virus, or we are “fighting” a disease. We need to change our perspective on disease by looking at is not as an enemy, but as a teacher come to lead us to a greater state of wellness.

Another helpful tool in increasing wellness and learning from disease is to examine the ways that power comes to you in your life, and examine where you send your power. For example, we get power from good food, from positive social interaction, from our faith, from joyful experiences. Things like addictions, abusive relationships, lack of self esteem, and many others all send power away from us.

When we send that power away, we send away the very thing that our body needs to stay well. Giving in to that addiction is giving our power to the controlling substance, putting up with abuse in our lives gives our power to our abuser, having bad self esteem gives power to all of the others that we feel are “better” or “prettier” or “thinner” than us. We must look for these power drains and find ways to close them off, to keep the power with us so that our bodies may use it to stay well.

I am certainly not advocating for NOT going to the doctor when you are not well. I am saying that we need to start placing more value on our inner knowledge and experience about the source for our disease. Listen to your body, it is sending you many messages everyday and it was designed to be healthy and well. It probably knows a few things about staying that way. Doing this will help to put our power back with us, where it belongs, and will lead to more health and wellness for all.


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