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Stone Medicine workshops in Michigan…

Jenny travels the world teaching Stone Medicine, an American Indian healing modality

Jenny travels the world teaching Stone Medicine, an American Indian healing modality

Stone Medicine is a Native American healing modality that has been passed down for generations in the Santee Dakota Sioux tribe. Just as the world so derperately needs so much healing, this knowledge is coming out again, thanks to Jenny Ray, a Native American Medicine Woman who has traveled around the world to bring the message of the stones and the “Hollow Bone” way of medicine to the world.

I think that it is so important to preserve the traditional practices and medicines of native and indigenous people. I have taken many trainings from Jenny Ray, and they have influenced much of my work in massage and healing, and has changed my perspective in many ways. I see the world as more inter-conntected in ways that I didn’t before.

Below are the details of the Stone Medicine Workshops that I am co-hosting in the Upper Peninsula of Michagan in October. Please pass this information on to anyone who you think might be interested!

For more information, please visit


These classes will be taught by Ska Mato Pejuta Winan (Jenny Ray), a Native American Medicine Woman and 2009 inductee into the Massage Hall of Fame.

Jenny teaches Stone Medicine, an American Indian healing modality that has been passed down through her tribe and ancestors. These ancient teachings combine Shamanisn and Healing into a format that is very applicable in the world today.

Healing Hands:
Saturday October 3, 2009

* Discover the gifts of wellness that live in you by connecting to Creator’s energy and learning to offer that energy to others with intention for healing.
* For those who are familiar with Reiki, this technique is similar to that but original to the indigenous people of the United States.
* Find your personal expression for this healing technique
* Includes demonstrations, practice, ceremonies and Initiation

Course fee: $150

Rainbath Ceremony:
Sunday, October 4, 2009 (8 CE hours NCBTMB certification through LaStone Therapy)

* An American Indian method for utilizing essential oils and stones in ceremony for enhanced wellness
* Learn the properties of select herbs and essential oils, and how to combine these with the Stone Tribe for a powerful healing experience for your clients.
* Recommended for massage therapists, aroma therapists and energy workers!

Course fee: $300 (which includes 8 CE credits, illustrated manual, Rain Bath stones and oils…enough oil for class and to offer 12 additional client sessions….student must furnish linens, table, hot stones and heater)

*** Discount!!! Register for both classes and get a $25 discount plus the opportunity for a bonus day for participating in a Stone Gathering Ceremony with Jenny Ray on Monday, October 5th.***

***Also, if you are a massage therapist who works with hot stones, please check out the other class we are offering after Rainbath and Healing hands. It could really help take your stone work to the next level!

The event page for that class is located here:

(carpooling may be available from the Twin Cities)

Camping: $10.00 per night
Meals: $15.00 per day

for more information, visit:

Or contact Shanna Schultz at 507-744-2490 /


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